Led Sustainable Lights


Ryder International and its group companies are committed to bringing the most sustainable and latest products to the construction industry to help not only with cost reduction in installations but also with ongoing operating costs and sustainability targets.

Save 80% to 90% on your current lighting bills.

A very bright future for LED Lighting

At one time LED lights were for Christmas trees and fancy lighting and were viewed as an inferior choice of lighting. Legislative changes coupled with environmental pressures have seen amazing improvements in LED lighting technology with the latest chips allowing the creation of highly efficient lighting that now surpasses anything in the lighting world and will mean more than 80% savings on lighting bills and a huge reduction in carbon emissions. The latest developments in LED lighting solutions allow retrofits, dimmable LED options and long life. We have created a range of LED lighting solutions that will accommodate nearly every lighting requirement form large commercial applications to domestic replacement bulbs.

The range of our lights will be continually developed as new chip technology progresses. Always choose the best and quality is our byword.

We have sourced and helped develop eco friendly LED lighting solutions using the latest technology. We believe that the lighting solutions in this brochure will help to light the world and save energy. We have ISO9001008 at the factory by UKAS. We work with Edison, Lumenlux, and Epistar to guarantee that our products meet the latest stringent requirements and have proven reliability. All our LED lighting solutions are fit for purpose.

Easy retrofitting of your existing light bulbs with LED bulbs using existing light fittings:

These LED lighting solutions have never been seen in the UK market and with the latest chip technology allowing extremely fast switching times with a brighter light our LED's can easily be used for retrofitting. Existing lights can easily be replaced and with a normal life span of more than 12 years you save not only on your energy bills but also on replacement bulbs.