A wood floor is a beautiful statement and investment into any property. More and more people are choosing to have wood flooring fitted, but most people do not know how to care for their wood floors properly.

We aim to provide you with the best products for cleaning and maintaining your wood flooring whether in your home or a commercial property.

What is the finish on your floor?

The first step in ensuring your wood floor looks it’s best for as long as possible is to ascertain which finish is on your floor.

Finishes generally boil down to the following categories:

• Oiled and UV Oiled

• Lacquered

If you’re unsure of what finish is on your floor, call us on 01666 504 015 to discuss further.

Get the right products to clean and protect your wood floor

Once you know which finish you’re caring for, you can select the correct cleaning product. We’ve simplified this for you by arranging our products into relevant categories, simply go to products tab at the top of this website and choose from the list the section appropriate to your wood floor.

To get you started, here is the general rule of thumb:

Oiled & UV Oiled Wood Flooring Cleaning Products:

Blanchon Natural Soap This product has an oil content to it, so with each clean you’re adding protection into the wood. This will make subsequent cleans easier and will lengthen the time between re-oiling/maintenance oil applications.

For high quality UV Oiled wood floors (such as those from The Solid Wood Flooring Company) this is generally all you need to do to clean and maintain your floor. Only when the UV finish has been broken down (usually due to a lack of proper cleaning) would you need to apply maintenance oil.

Blanchon Maintenance Oil. This is the go-to reoiling product for wood flooring. The natural colour option will be perfect for use on any light, medium or dark woods. The white colour option is specially for white oiled or light grey oiled wood floors. This product can be worked in using a microfibre padded mop or buffed in with a buffing machine to achieve deeper oil penetration and a high sheen.

There are other products available on our site which will also work extremely well.

Lacquered Wood Floors Cleaning Products:

Bona Wood Floor Cleaner & Spray Mop. Bona’s Wood Floor Cleaner is a PH-Neutral cleaning solution designed to clean soiled floors without leaving smears or a sticky texture. This cleaner combined with the Bona Spray Mop makes cleaning lacquered floors very quick and easy.

• Bona Freshen Up After years of use, any lacquer will show signs of wear. When your lacquer has light scratches or looks faded first clean it with the Bona Wood Floor Cleaner; then, once dry apply this Freshen Up product. Freshen Up will help fill light scratches and revive dull lacquer. Simply pour sparingly onto the floor and work in using the Bona Applicator Pad.

Why you should buy the correct products to clean your floor

Nearly all problems that arise with wood flooring can be traced back to incorrect cleaning and maintenance routines. Never use domestic bleach based cleaners, steam cleaners or furniture polish to care for your wood floor.

Using the correct products will greatly increase the longevity of your wood floor, will make it more resistant to spillages and will keep it looking at its best for longer.

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